margin calls 追加証拠金、追証

As prices fall, the value of the collateral used as security for loans declines as well, provoking margin calls. Holders of securities must sell them at distressed prices to meet the minimum cash or capital requirements, and such selling often causes the market to overshoot in the opposite direction.

stunned into inactivity

Even the politicians have been stunned into inactivity. Congress probably will not pass new financial legislation this year, admitted Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, because “no one knows what to do.”

backardation 逆転現象(直物価格が先物価格を上回ること)

When the idea started to be heavily promoted, around 2002, there was a rationale for it. Commodity futures were selling at discounts from cash, and institutions could pick up additional returns from this so-called "backwardation," i.e., the amounts by which the spot price was higher than the futures price.

take a page out of book 本をお手本にする、まねる

That would take a page right out of Goldman Sachs' playbook. Last year, the bank raked in $1.5 billion in buyout-related revenue, tops among Wall Street firms. At the same time, its financial sponsor unit, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, paid out in fees the second-highest amount among buyout groups: $617 million.

speak volumes 多くを語る、

His facial expression spoke volumes about what he really thought about your opinions.

overqualified 必要以上に教育を受けている

Like Italy, Japan produces far too many architecture graduates for all to become building designers. Most Japanese architects end up in related fields, especially as overqualified project managers on building sites.

get to the heart of ~ の核心に迫る、入る

Do Mark London and Brian Kelly in The Last Forest get to the heart of the problem? Not in my view. Their account is engaging, sometimes entertaining, but overall superficial, a one-eyed vision of a deep and complex set of issues

put on blinders 見て見ぬふりをする

To present the Amazon as a solely Brazilian entity is to put on blinders, for many of the insights the authors draw from their travels and interviews do not apply to neighboring countries.

write-down 評価損、(帳簿価格の)切り下げ、減額

On October 24th Merrill Lynch reported its first quarterly loss for six years thanks to huge write-downs by the investment bank of $8.4 billion.